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Grange Advisory Pty Ltd holds a current Private Security Business Licence with the authority to provide the services of ‘Investigator’ issued pursuant to the Private Security Act 2004 issued by the Licencing & Regulation Division of Victoria Police.

Workplace investigations

Managing a workplace investigation can be time consuming and challenging for all involved. 

Grange Advisory conducts timely and independent workplace investigations into a range of matters, including:

  • bullying;

  • harassment;

  • misconduct;

  • sexual harassment;

  • discrimination.

Workplace Reviews

Businesses are increasingly faced with rapidly changing and challenging cultures across their operations. There are wide and varied reasons for a decline in culture that can lead to lost productivity, increased leave and high staff turnover that, in turn, create more challenges. Grange Advisory can:

  • identify cultural issues in organisations and provide independent, high quality findings and analysis, recommendations and steps to assist in improving cultural issues;

  • work with high performing teams to further enhance output, engagement and improve the workplace culture;

  • assist where teams are being split or merged to help businesses work through the transition process;

  • work with staff and businesses on an independent and confidential basis to gain insight, identify issues and opportunities and work with clients to leverage the information obtained to implement strategies to address any cultural issues identified.

Workplace training

Workplace training is a great investment in people and businesses.  Workplace training can lift manager and HR capability in dealing with workplace relations matters and also assist in preventing those matters arising.   

Grange Advisory works with its clients to ensure the right workplace training is designed and delivered. 

Grange Advisory provides tailored training to individuals or teams. Grange Advisory works with its clients to design a program that meets requirements. Core topics covered include:

  • Conducting workplace investigations

  • Performance management and dismissal

  • Workplace behaviour

  • Workplace bullying, discrimination and harassment

  • Requests for flexible work arrangements

  • Conflict management and having difficult conversations

  • Managing long-term injured and ill employees

Workplace Mediation & conflict resolution

Mediation and facilitated discussions between parties can be an effective way to resolve matters that may be causing disruption and low productivity in a workplace or team. 

Resolving disputes or conflicts can improve working relationships and help to restore team dynamics and productivity.  Resolving workplace disputes by mediation or facilitated discussions can also help avoid litigation.

Grange Advisory offers both mediations and facilitated discussions to assist parties in resolving conflict and reaching agreements that both parties can find acceptable.

Review of Actions

Review of actions by an independent third party are now a key requirement of many Australian instruments and polices within the public sector.

Grange Advisory provides independent review of actions process via its position on review of actions panels for government departments and agencies, councils, universities and other public sector organisations.

Grange Advisory has significant experience in conducting review of actions and are listed on the Victorian Public Sector Commission’s Register of Review Officers.

 Through our expert experience in mediations, investigations, legal and conflict resolution Grange Advisory is well placed to complete review of actions processes and make findings in relation to the matters raised.

 The level of review can be tailored to the situation ranging from a desktop review through to a new replacement process.

Workplace policy & employment contracts 

Having clear and up-to-date policies and employment contracts will provide your business and your people with certainty and clarity about many aspects of their workplace.  It will also ensure your business is in the most compliant position possible.

Grange Advisory can assist your growing or well-established business to develop or refine a range of workplace policies (and/or applicable processes), including developing or refining online training to complement your workplace policies.  In doing so, Grange Advisory will ensure your policies are legally compliant and succinct. Examples of these policies may include:

  • code of conduct

  • leave policies (eg annual, sick, long service, parental)

  • equal employment, bullying and harassment policy

  • unacceptable behaviour policy

  • performance management policy

  • social media and systems misuse policy

Grange Advisory can also assist you to develop or refine employment contracts for your business.

Workplace HR Consulting

 Change is a normal part of business today that often results in conflict. As a result people managers and HR functions within organisations are tasked with managing this conflict to minimise business impact.

 Grange Advisory provides independent advice relating to these issues, either direct to people leaders and HR functions, or by working directly with the involved employees on a confidential basis to understand the issues at play before formulating a plan to best resolve them.

Grange Advisory can work with businesses to provide workplace consulting across: 

  • Dysfunctional Teams

  • Complaints handling

  • Culture Change programs

  • Individual employee management

  • Cultural reviews

  • Post investigation support

  • Rogue employees

Leadership Development

 Grange Advisory can work with leaders within businesses to develop their people skills in a variety of ways. This can be critical for individual and business performance. We employ a range of approaches to manage leadership development, including:

  • Group and individual training

  • Confidential 365 feedback gathering and reporting

  • Facilitated discussions

  • Cultural development

  • Ongoing Coaching

Legal advice & representation

Grange Advisory offers legal services across a range of workplace relations matters.

In addition to assisting your business with workplace policy, procedure and employment contracts or providing you with advice about your legal obligations with regard to the employment relationship, Grange Advisory is well positioned to represent your business in defending legal claims that may be made against you.

Grange Advisory will provide you with practical, commercial and affordable advice and representation.